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it's been so long that i can't confess

today was typical day in early senior year. too much free time, too much caffeine, too many discussions of existensionalism and what the weight of our existence is, too much talk of michael libby, too manyt times singing "friendship is rare" during what i'm coerced to call math class, too little concrete thinking getting done.

But that's okay because on the tour de wilson today I got so distracted from anything art history and decided to draw a crazy poem/lyric conglomerate esque page of doodelings. It was kicked off today with statty asking me if i had any clue as to what a "friend with benefits" might be, because he was reading an article about them and was pondering their importance in society. I told him I did, and that I could give him an example of this phenomenon by demonstrating that at some (several) points last year a certain israel was one of these token items to myself, chrissie pre-brissie and rom. Statty immediately understood, and asked where he might find one for himself. I told him that he should go up to the israel and ask for one, and that maybe the israel could hook him up with himself.

After school chrissie and I went to the westside pavilion to buy bryce a present, and after encountering a fiasco otherwise known as the "male thong" we decided to sucumb to the forces of the westside pavilion and be mallrats. So firstly we hit up the pan-asian cuisine, then nordstrom for some classy aparell outfitting, then cocktail dresses, bling, ice cream, the most exersize we've both done in years and gay jenny lewis. We discussed the plans for her birthday friday of things she could do, and since she's scratched buying porn for fear of awkwardness we planned to find mike, inform him that she is now indeed legal, join him in this bubble bath for some crying and bathsalts, venture to a gas station for her to ceremonely buy me cigarettes, buy a spell, go smoke and cast the spell, and then feast.

Saturday will be classy and fun. I just wish i had appropriate cocktail attire for it. I need to get a gift, fast.

Sunday me and the phillippino are hitting up the getty for tour de wilson term paper. For the complete effect of starteskness we've decided to mingle in the museum as french tourists and party with abuela. Hopefully classy garments, bourettes, cigarette extenders and sunglasses will be in order, not to mention tons of pictures.
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i noticed how the tour is really set up like a tour bus - everyone is facing the same way and you cant see who's behind you, and the tour guide is at the front. i feel like he should have a visor or something and a microhpone.

what was that one tenacious d lyric we always said in edinburgh?? its eating me aliiiive.
"i don't get why they call love triangles 'triangles.' because it's really just a line. i mean, you love someone, they love someone else, where do you connect to the someone else? you don't love them."
"yeah... but it could work. imagine... imagine that you were in love with chrissie, and chrissie was in love with stat. and you are in love with stat. so it's all connected."
"oh! ok."
---eyal &me, pre-ring ceremony
i highly approve of the mallrats-esque business.
"-and that kid is on the fucking escalator again!!!!!"