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i hear you're dominant in bed. okay love, if you ever want me, don't.

tonight i decided i was in the mood for nastalgia and went to the h-bowl, colombo box, for some quality copeland appalachian spring. it made me think of foreigners and yoseph and hand rolled cigarettes and other things i commonly associate with band camp, like when i hid my bottle of jack under my pillow and by hid i mean cuddled with at night.

it was dear to me, what can i say. i have fully reconcilled myself to my own demise by contracting T.B. and having mad mad bronchial lung cancer. please god tell me that's not true, also tell me that they still make marlboro red 100s because those are quite excellent.

i need a lift and by lift i mean nothing other than some good clean drugs. school sucks such a huge sac that even things that should lift me, like standing uncomfortably close to daniel resnick to make him feel my presence whilst he's mid conversation with his friends, don't. And that's just lame.

Also on the list of things i need:
-friends, you know, one's i don't feel like i have to pay for my thoughts
-a rightfull thug
-music and or asian genius
-sex badly
-a cigarette like no one's effing business
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