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kiss me. kiss me as though it were the very last time.

One day until school starts.
4 cigarettes today.
One cup of coffee.
One game of hearts.
Three hours of cello.
15 minutes with mamoj and faj.
0 minutes with my beloved brother.
Two hours of great film.
30 minutes of incredible music.

My mexico lucy was fired by my parents. I guess she can't vacuum me any more while I try and sleep. Abram made a mix of the summer; i like how last summer we had one song, and now, things more complicated, people more so changed, the mix has rapidly mated to result in a full pimped out cd. what the f. goodbye last summer of highschool.i just read every entry i wrote from june 4th to august 31. Two months and i can't really say i know where it went. It went to Ganja, to habibi, to music, to the woods, to el nopal, to westwood, to boba, to cigarettes, to sleeping in, to long phone calls, to chronology, to res, to breakfast.

i have to take a shit. excuse me.
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