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you know what though, when we reach the mature age to unleash our brilliant minds onto the world

today was a sleepy day. well for the first part at least.
i practiced a buttload, and then amy came and picked me up in the nina mobile and we went over mullhulland drive and into el valley to pick up some hot katie ass. then we waited around until le asian got there, and went over to Michael's house.

At Michaels we were entertained by a classy pre coctail engagement. It involved several apple and cranberry martinis, cigarettes, red wine, water running under the bridge, and classyness on top of non stop classyness. Then somehow we ended up stumbling in to Leo's house for some white whine, more cancer, cello and guitar jamming, rolling stories, getting hooked up, and dancing with incredibly drunk cassie to some incredibly good neil young.

Then Fred 62 for some late night tuna melt and cigarettes.
mmmm hollywood, how i am a slave to thee
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