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we'd rather be between places then anywhere at all

Oh hey livejournal...where the fuck have you been.

So the passed couple of weeks have been a little on the crazy side. I went to ATP, which was incredible, and by incredible i mean I never thought I'd get that close to an androgenous womens crotchal area. I went to a Phillip Glass show, which involved a strange gnome like man with puffy lamb chops, a pony tail, and out of control guitar moves. That show also came with arguing, finagling, titos tacos, and being between places.

I still have mad sexual desires for Kim Deal and Frank Black even though that show was almost a month ago. Thanksgiving and x-mas are coming up, i'm training right now for the feasts.

I thought Colin Turner was coming to town this weekend, but I was wrong. It makes me sad, I wanna see his crazy face. On a same but weirder note I've rekindled friendship with David, over a lengthy two hour conversation and sexual innuendos. I think i miss him? Oh no veto I just want ass. It's hard to actaully miss the lack of personality in someone.

I keep having these weird dreams where I'm in a garden looking for strange asians, oh oh speaking of that i cut off my relations with joshua over the weekend. It's safe to say we want different things out of eachother...how mature was i just then. Anyway so dreams; right. And there's gnomes all over and i'll see someone from school and ask them when i'll be in love. i'm so gay sometimes.

Yesterday was saturday, most eventfull day in a whlie. I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to go audition for Ms. Shoenfeld, the best cello teacher at USC. I played for her for an hour and a half, she wants me to be her student..now. So I now have two lessons a week from Dr. Naill, and one with her. The one with her is only hours before one of my lessons with him. Trio on thursday nights. Recitals on friday nights. orchestra all day saturday. peer support monday. recording tuesdays...wait when should i breathe or eat?

that's okay they're not vital. Anyway yesterday. So after that I had orch...talked maturely to Joshua, then went home where I was driven to the H-wood to Rom's house. After some good Rom's house chillin we got in the Civ and went to la Poubelle. It was too busy and francois was being a douche so we smoked some cigarettes and then went to a sushi restaurant next door where you have to sit on the floor, kind of. me, fenti, rom, and martin ate some good crunchy sushi with sauce, and then abducted and desecrated a napkin with obscenities like "bonsoir monseior, pourais-je avoir une cigarette s'ilvous plait?" and "we're all mad here, we neet to get crunk, he's a jazz penis, grass, oswald, conglomerate of thoughts, joo are a walrus, bum the corners of HP, ginger in my nostrils, buzzkill, mia likes the cock, sorry i was cuddling with you, twat did you say i cunt hear you, and omg hot."

then rom and i hit up the PAK party, which was pretty gay, considering we were the old washed up seniors who don't like getting fucked up beyond comprehension and therefore bum, or attempt to bum cigarettes off the hotter more spritely juniors and angrily stare at everyone. It included "i'm about to get officially tanked" which, not gonna lie, was incredible, but that's about it. I payed five dollars at the door to drink some bacardi and get molested by people i never talk to.

Then fenti was a douche and wouldn't entertain so we went to Eyal's house for some good Humus, laila, and bonfire for a good maybe 4 hours. There was lots of pot, lots of drumming, lots of rhyming, lots of talking out of the ass, lots of cigarette buying, donut eating, bong caressing, rom assing, hot handsing action. At one point martin and fenti captured me, and made me smell a vile that made me really pale and feel like i was going to die. it lasted for like 2 minutes, apparently it's called being prunk. i wouldnt advise for those weak at heart.

then sleep in the sex bed, getting up this morning still drunk, going home, sleeping for 6 hours, and attempting a hamlet/iliad essay.

we're all mad.
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