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Is this seat taken. I over heard you say 'not stirred but shaken'

Then it hits you for the very first time and you finally feel your age. you feel the years, one through seventeen heavy and you almost remember being a fetus. A baby fetus. The other day I laid down on Mamoj in a fit of being lost and old and i could hear and feel her heart beating and it felt right. Not an unsettling beat but a steady familiar one.

But enough of me being just ridiculously gay. It's only my meek attempt to be pensive and rehash my past in a desperate fashion of sorting out my extremely mixed feelings that I have right now about pretty much everything. Bottom line is that the things that used to interest me rarely do anymore, besides music that is. That's an infatuation that will never die, hopefully, because if it dies then I have nothing and if I have nothing then fuck, i'm a bum. sorry for rambling, i'd explain it but then i wouldn't have friends.

maybe a couple but i would have respect, and that's what rightful gangsters deserve.
what...are you doing b?

violina called me two days ago, it made me think of her being a crazy bulgarian diva prancing around in fur coats and spandex and being bossy and hating americans and getting really drunk in her beret and fucking merlin. band camp, donde estas? te quiero.

I've been particularly west LA recently. Last night after the partial crew went bumming around the valley, and by bumming i mean buying friendship braceletes (not)... and chrissie ceremonially purchasing cigarettes out of peer pressure of her turning eighteen Amy came over and we doused it naked. And by doused i mean amy girated in my bed for some time whilst I practiced the cello. Then we got classy and went to Bourgouis Pig for a while, called Katie and Ma'yan, walked around the corner in distress only to find our messiah, Fenti. Fenti decided to entertain (aka cocktails) at his house, amy got a little too happy, i drove her rather bare ass home and we went to sleep, however marking a monumental moment of classlessness outside on the curb by katies house.

Today was the first day of my last year at CCO. I saw mon gangster who was surprisingly charming and cool with the wierdness of our previous situation. After music school Amy picked me up and we once again got classy, went to Crustacion for Chrissie's surprise birthday party, ate good food, met up with Fenti at the Avalon for drinks and cherries, doused Venice and Overland and Fenti's room, played a madhouse game of charades, and then I was promptly dropped off at my abode about half an hour ago. Can I define Erroneous? Shit yeah, tonight I can.

Mia, cellist extraordinare, coming soon.
Classic fuckus quote: "anus house, in the middle of my buttocks"
I'd post another one but it's inappropriate

Pouis je avoir une cigarette si'lvous plait?
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