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and she'll say something to you like "what do you think i am, a whore?" i don't want to do that

I got in to CCO again which is awesome, but, it being my seventh consecutive year it wasn't like my ass was pressed against pin cushions out of nervousness for not getting in. Anyway Joni said i'd sit prinicpal for one of the pieces which is awesome. I saw dr. naill yesterday and he told me that i would have a friday night recital every consecutive friday starting october first until january. I'll also record four times. I'm going to go insane and get really drained from my friendly wooden tool friend but It will be totally worth it. Either way things are going okay right now but kind of lulling.

This too. Yesterday I was supposed to go around USC and explore and have fun but it fell through...then there were some douchy things going on so ultimately I went out with Gabe and Clairito for a indie toolish night around hollywood. We went to virgin, where i listened to some good erotic lovage, and then to Anastasias Assylum for tea and baked things. It was a good time, me and Gabe are more friends now so we hang out and It's awesome. We came home and watched a good two hours of jackass and then i stumbled into my bed.

Today I fell out of my bed and into the cello all afternoon, then i was captured by math moguls and taken away to firstly el nopal and then "the room," a cafe that has couches and good tea.

i got a package in the mail just now. i opened it and inside was a picture of justin. like an actual hand taken photograph. just promise me one thing, that i'll posess a man and he'll be a rockstar. that's all.
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