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the real question is why are you on drugs on a wednesday night at 5:52

give it up to me
sometimes songs from the nintees make me feel really warm. but then i have the intense uncontrollable urge to wear flannel, and that's just completely unacceptable.

I've come to the conclusion that I love my academic classes senior year just as much as I love having physical education with resnick's little brother and being sassed by my teacher, an x-trainer for the raiders. like he literally stopped and said to me "i can't be sassed". Incredible.

so in retaliation i hatched a plan to wear shoes tomorrow to gym, but accidentally wear a tank top which was strictly forbidden on the list he gave us so that maybe, perchance, his head will explode. that man is under a lot of stress and by stress i mean he's a fucking crazy bastard.

but...there's something about the social aspect of this year that's getting to me like trying to swim through a pool of cement. and i'll tell you one thing about trying to do that, it's pretty impossible.

today while trying to conquer some peace second period i was distracted by, oh yeah, the entire sophmore grade with their lankyness and perfection. and then i was ilke oh yeah nope don't care. haggard bitches.

i'm out of mis drogas...aye dios mio. language switch? i definetly think so.
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