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all i need is a supervisor, please

I have a new cell phone but not really, just the cover, kind of like how I think of myself. Except my cover is pretty much the same, with the exception of some blonde.

I spent my past first weekend free of school being typically west LA. And by west LA I mean a busy schedule that entailed vomiting my insides out on Saturday night, tanning with rage on Sunday morning with a live-in German (timo) and frivolously searching for some more time-worthy mind bending illegalities sunday night only to fail several times and somehow wind up with a tripod and a tribute band to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and being a first hand eye witness to some highly, highly questionable activities.

Things are going well, obviously. CCO audition sunday. Will the gangster make an appearance? Hopefully, then maybe I can attempt to thug strait.
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We're gonna be the shit. I bought all of Don Giovanni.

The Tripod is dead sexy.