Missing In Action (alkalinemia) wrote,
Missing In Action

do you know when 7th starts? no, but when you see the herds of common whore's you'll know.

So today was the most unlikely first day of school i've had ever in my life. ever.
And i've got mad lung cancer.

Mad picked me up. We got coffee. We went to school. I sat through assembly. I sat through english, which, seems standard so far. Upon X-ing second period me amy chrissie and hwang left campus (as rightfull seniors) and went to ralphs where i purchased ample caffeine. Next i sat through sound and acoustics which wasn't awkward especially because it included several candidates of all class no shame '05 plan, and by candidates i mean jlee and dtrus. Nassar rambled about got knows what in his crazy colombian tvas with socks accent and I tried my hardest not to make awkward suggestive eye contact with the gangster because we all know where that got me last time. But nevertheless it happened anyway, i ran out of class when it got out and thought i was safe before hearing a "hey girl" from across the quad.

goddamn. but whatever, he's vital in the plan so it's going down. I just have to defeat the sophmore hos. third reich. you know. then i sat through my blocked fourth period, fifth rolled around and i went off campus with AK case and marina for some jamba juice and cigarettes, then back sixth for PE with a crazy x-NFL coach who made me shit my pants and then AP Art History with jolly crazy gay wilson.

It was a good day, reletavely. We'll see what happens.
I think amy might have west nile...
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