Missing In Action (alkalinemia) wrote,
Missing In Action

this is fucking bandcamp, suckers

christoff: i'm on a plain, i can't complain. don't make a village

sweet cheeks! d spelz connection

mom, everyone smokes here. do you mia? nope.

romania giving me the crazy eyes


violina my hot bulgarian

johannessss (brahms)

m and my bff, jack

mag dog and yoseph, who's more addicted

hmmm...how many times can i pose with this face

bartek and maggie: drunk america


the hole in my jeans making a mockery out of cello playing

anna going insane

hillary looking sultry

me, ass drunk off el senor jacky d

i never thought i'd see germany and romania hug

peter and gabe, pretending to be euro

genia and his milk

me and magpie
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