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i'll start this off, without any words.

well so okay. i saw the pixies last night with the libbster and it was just incredible.
like; she picked me up from colbiz after i wrongfully rekindled relations with the gangster and then we began our treck down to irvine. after some real good food and remaniscing, and 'i'm, too stylus for the show, too stylus for the rock...too stylus' we arrived and there were SO many arenas everywhere it was amazing. so obviously the coolest people in the world go see pixies shows, so we rightfully took our place among them and mingled a little.

after i got crabs in a bathroom we went to our seats, and by our seats i mean we just sat down somewhere real close to the stage where there were some empty ones. mars volta came on and they were amazing, really caffinated and the lead singer defietly has one if not zero testicles because his voice reaches ranges impossible to the human voice. so next pixies comes on, Frank Black in all godliness and Kim andd the others and they open with Where is My Mind and rock SO Hard.

We were rocking the whole time, there was't one second of that concert we didn't rock.
So then we meet up with Michael and Sass and Gene and girlfriend and go to Denny's where there's a really shady waitor who forgot my food and then when i told him said "oh damn" and stood there with shifty eyes and then later physically removed a piece of food from Gene's clothing for him.

this monkey's gone to heaven.
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