Missing In Action (alkalinemia) wrote,
Missing In Action

"mia, are you ready?"

i got this text from colin today. colin, like colin tuner.

& it made me think about how it's been almost 2 months since summer's been over but how now still, i am utterly stuck on missing bandcamp like a fat slut misses cock. like colin? when we would roll down the hills of the amphitheater and we would tackle eachother and scream 'sex.' And how we would jam in the troys to shostakov. and talk about smoking out and how LSD was only found in Arizona, where the LSD is cheap and slutty nice girls at parties give you cigarettes when you're drunk and incoherant and of course, ask for one. And when me Meji and Colin squatted in the amphiteater yelling scotty jones everyone, scotty jones is the shit, and how everyone in the amphitheater followed him 'cause he was jesus, and, well the shit.

and me and david and colin going into town, in disguises, and eating chinese while still kind of high, and messing with the fan and the chicken balls. and david's car and making out. and "i think she got it all" and making fun. and dana. and eating beef jerkey.

and riding around on the back of brooks vespa all over camp to freak out all the people by his and my vespa-majesty. and speltz connection, the romanian, and merlin. and jessica, even though she was a crazy anal ass bitch, how much i made fun of her for being who she was.

and mag. and the genisis of our friendship.

memories are weird.
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